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Med-shmed – Wedding Honey

Our unique, stylishly decorated med-shmed jars will decorate your festive table and will become an unforgettable gift for your wedding guests. Foodies and lovers of sweets will be delighted by the combination of natural honey with spices, herbs and berries.

We make 11 mixes of honey with natural herbs, berries and spices, which will be appreciated even by those who aren't fans of ordinary honey.
Med-shmed will add a bright note to your celebration's decorations.

11 Unique Flavours

Having tried Med-shmed at least once, you'll never forget them:

  • Strawberry – Honey with fresh summer notes of strawberry
  • Cinnamon and Vanilla – Rich caramel flavour for lovers of the dolce vita
  • Orange Zest – A refreshing, bright honey with a dominant orange flavour
  • Date and Cinnamon – Honey with the refined taste of date and the warm aroma of cinnamon
  • Blackcurrant – Vitamin honey with slightly sour currants
  • Fresh Mint – A refreshing honey, full of love and tenderness
  • Ginger – A sunny honey with an invigorating ginger flavour!
  • Chili Pepper – A fiery honey with a spicy taste, ideal for thrill-seekers
  • Marzipan – Sensual honey with a touch of almond bitterness
  • Thyme – Honey with a deep spicy taste 
  • Chocolate – Honey with chocolate and hazelnuts

Prices and Conditions

  • The cost of a 50g jar is – 35 UAH, 150g jar – 70 UAH
  • For orders between 2 000 UAH and 6 000 UAH – discount of 5%
  • For orders over 6 000 UAH – discount of 10%.
Times of production and delivery depend on the order volume and the availability of the design layout – average delivery time is 5-10 days.

For wedding gift inquiries please write to us at or call +38 (068) 409 84 21 Lifecell.